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Study Groups Disclaimer

Since 1985, The Urantia Book Fellowship has provided a Study Group Directory as a service to readers of The Urantia Book. The Fellowship supports all groups that study The Urantia Book and invites their participation in the directory. Because the focus of our service is to provide a resource for the study of The Urantia Book we list only groups who gather for this primary purpose. The directory includes only general group location and contact emails or phone numbers. If you plan to attend a study group, before visiting, we encourage you to ask about the group’s format. Urantia Study groups are independent and vary widely in their approach to study and spiritual practice.

Diverse and autonomous study groups form the grass-roots social structure for interaction between Urantia Book students. Although each individual group is unique, each shares a common goal, to explore the advanced truths and cosmic concepts revealed in The Urantia Book. Whether you are an isolated reader of the book or a large group, we encourage you to list in the directory so that all interested persons may respond to the call, “Whosoever will, let him come.”

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