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Study Outline:  The Conceptual Organization of The Urantia Book

Part 1 The Central and Superuniverses

universe of universes

The Urantia Book provides a comprehensive background for understanding the physical, mindal, and spiritual structure of the universe—a universe that is spirit dominated and personality managed. This section provides an overview of some of those personalities and their relationship to the personality core of reality—the Universal Father and the Paradise Trinity.

Part 2 The Local Universe

local universe

This section of The Urantia Book contains an overview of life after death—the adventure of life in the Local Universe. It contains background on life evolution, local universe administration, and a compelling vision of human destiny.

Part 3 The History of Urantia—Planet Earth

history of earth

This detailed history of our world includes the geological and biological evolution, a new perspective on evolution and creationism, and a history of human cultural, religious, and spiritual development. It revitalizes the archetypal stories of Judeo-Christian religion including the rebellion of Lucifer, Adam and Eve, the visit of Melchizedek and Abraham, and much more.

Part 4 The Life and Teachings of Jesus

sea of galilee

The Urantia Book contains the most spiritually compelling story of Jesus anywhere in print. It provides a detailed narrative of Jesus' entire life including the socalled "missing years," his discourses, parables, significant life events, crucifixion and resurrection. This life and teachings of Jesus is supplemented by an extensive spiritual cosmology provided in the first three sections of The Urantia Book.