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The Growing Reader Community

The Urantia Book Fellowship was established on October 25th, 1955, as The Urantia Brotherhood. 

The Fellowship is the original social fraternal organization of believers in the Urantia Book dating back to the Forum, who were among the first human beings to be exposed to the book’s teachings.

We are an inclusive association of individuals. We affirm our sincere conviction that the Urantia Book is a genuine revelation of truth to humankind. We serve God and humanity primarily through the dissemination of these superb teachings but we also serve those who already read and believe in the book by fostering study and socialization. We are committed to the ideal of spiritual unity, embracing unity of spiritual goals and purposes while making full allowance for individual religious freedom and diversity.

Jesus once said, “As faith-enlightened and spirit-liberated sons of the kingdom of heaven, you face a double responsibility of duty to man and duty to God while you voluntarily assume a third and sacred obligation: service to the brotherhood of God-knowing believers.”  (178:1.5) Our efforts to serve the Urantia community are centered in this third and sacred obligation.

There are no churches, clergy or recognized authorities concerning the teachings of the Urantia Book. We have always preferred to gather faithfully and informally for mutual study and inspiration. Neither do we sanction any one person’s interpretation over another. Each person understands the teachings of the Urantia Book in their own unique and insightful way.

The Urantia Book Fellowship's organizational structure is explained on a separate page that can be found here:  Fellowship Organization Chart

We gather to celebrate the fact of truth revealed for the liberation and edification of humankind. We encourage all who read and believe the Urantia Book to find and embrace the growing Urantia community, whether it be in a Urantia Book study group, retreat, conference or online discussion group.

"Whosoever will, let him come!"