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How is The Fellowship organized?

The Urantia Book Fellowship (The Fellowship) is made up of Urantia Book readers that gather together for socialization, worship, service and study of the book.

Study groups are the primary way that Urantia believers gather together to study and socialize. Study groups may eventually decide to form a Urantia Society if they wish to increase their formal participation in The Fellowship's governance and global activities.

Urantia Societies are autonomous chapters of The Urantia Book Fellowship. They come together for organizational business that includes facilitating local events for socialization, worship, and education around the teachings of The Urantia Book. Every three years these autonomous local Urantia Societies elect representatives who attend The Fellowship's Triennial Delegate Assembly (TDA). TDA representatives in turn elect Fellowship members to positions on the Fellowship's policy making body, the General Council. The General Council then elects the Fellowship's Officers or Board of Directors from among its members. This group is known as the Executive Committee. TDA Delegates also advise the General Council on various matters of concern to their local societies. Members of the General Council manage dissemination and socialization projects on a national and international basis. 

The Fellowship’s Executive Committee is comprised of 8 individuals; the five officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Secretary General) of the Fellowship and three Service Team Chairs (World Wide, Fellowship Service, and Communications). The Service Team Chairs preside over the work of nine Standing Committees (see chart below) and various ad hoc committees,

 The Fellowship's Executive Committee holds fiduciary responsibility for the Fellowship's activities. The Fellowship is registered with GuideStar Exchange and annual audited financial information is available there.

The Urantia Book Fellowship's Constitution and Bylaws

 The Urantia Book Fellowship Organizational Flowchart

*Note Changes: In the chart above, Charter Committee is now designated as Membership Committee and Special Projects Committee is now Youth and Young Adult Committee. The current Ad Hoc committees are, IT Committee, Web Content Committee, Uversa Press Committee, and Gratitude Committee.