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Geoffrey Theiss

Geoffrey Theiss (President)
I'm Geoff, a self-discovered, second generation reader. I was born, raised, and schooled in the San Francisco Bay area. I am now comfortably settled in Riverside, where I work as a chemical engineer (I make memory foam!). If you happen to see me during a weekday morning, you may confuse me with a mad scientist. As for my general character, I am two parts enthusiasm junkie, two parts jack-of-all-trades, and one part global adventurer. Mixed into all that and instilled by the teachings of The Urantia Book has been a real, vibrant, and ennobling personal relationship with God that I have been continuously searching to better understand and strengthen. Having found this vibrant Urantia Book community, I have fallen in love - with them and with an emboldened sense of self (and cosmic)-purpose. I am eternally grateful to be alive. And part of being in this new community and part of showing that gratitude is to help enable other people to find the same. As Robert Byrne states, “The purpose of life is a life of purpose” and we as individuals are able to spread this idea not by telling or explaining but by simply loving. That is the beauty of this community and the thing I want to share. (geoff.theiss@gmail.com)

Michael Painter (Vice President)
I am currently teaching philosophy at Ivy Tech Junior College in Indianapolis. I have two sons and three grandchildren. I worked for the Urantia Book organizations headquarters in Chicago from 1979 to 1991. Currently I am serving a second 9-year term on the General Council and am now on the Executive Committee of the Urantia Book Fellowship as Vice President. Previously, I have served on several Fellowship committee and chaired the Interfaith Committee. Also, I have served in all offices of and am currently President of the Orvonton Urantia Book Society. Finding the book in 1970, I have been reading it for almost 50 years, and my spirit lights up when I read it now just as it did when I first found it! How many books can you say that about! I have been a speaker and workshop leader at numerous Urantia Book conferences. Also, I created a CD which is a beginner’s guide to the practice of daily communion with our heavenly Father. I have and continue to be very blessed!

Steve Dreier (Secretary)
Steve discovered The Urantia Book in 1971. Since then he has been an active member of The Urantia Book Fellowship serving in a variety of different positions, including president, secretary (currently), and chair of the education, membership and judicial committees. He is a founding member of the Urantia Society of Greater New York. Steve enjoys meeting with others to study The Urantia Book, and has a particular interest in the study of the "human sources." Steve taught chemistry for 33 years at New York City Technical College. He’s been married to his high school sweetheart Bobbie for 55 years and enjoys spending time with their son, daughter in law and grandsons.

Larry Bowman (Secretary General)
Growing up in Chicago in the ‘40s and ‘50s, I often wondered where it was that Dad was going on Sunday afternoons. All I knew was that it was something called the Forum. In 1951 my sister Carolyn began attending the meetings. The following year she brought her fiance, Tom Kendall, into the group. In 1953 my mother, a longtime holdout, joined. By this time I knew it had something to do with “the Eurantia Papers” (as I envisioned the spelling of the word). As I heard Mom and Dad talk, I became curious and began to express interest. Finally, on June 30, 1954, a few days after my 15th birthday, I was interviewed by Dr. William S. Sadler and became a member. Less than 16 months later I was the youngest member of the Forum when the Urantia Book was published. I dutifully inscribed in my book: “Published and given to me on the twelfth day of October of the year commonly known as 1955 A.D.” In my adolescent fervor I was certain that, once the Urantia teachings became universal, the calendar would change. I suppose I thought that 7 B.C. would become Year 1. Nearly six decades later finds me a resident of Arizona since 1973, where I retired from a 34-year career as a librarian in 2001. During that interim I was a charter member of what is now the First Society, a founder of Orvonton Society, and a founder of Grand Canyon Society for Readers of the Urantia Book. I have been a member of the Fellowship General Council since 2010 and Secretary General since 2012. I live in my multihued townhouse with feline buddies Hermes and Marlin.

Emilio CoppolaEmilio Coppola (Treasurer)
Emilio Coppola —Born and raised a Catholic boy in Rye, NY and now living in Virginia Beach, VA. He has been a licensed Financial professional since 1988 and has started and run several small businesses. Currently he is the owner of a firm that manages investments and consults with companies on their financial options for funding their businesses. Emilio started reading The Urantia Book in April, 1996, and has attended study groups in several cities throughout the United States over the years. He has been a member of The Urantia Book society of Greater New York since March 2005, and has served many roles in the society. Emilio has also been a member of the New England Urantia Book Group (UAI) since December, 2007. He has been The Urantia Book Fellowship Treasurer since 2009. He has been the UrantiaUniversity Treasurer since 2010. He has been a member of the The Urantia Book Foundation IT Round Table meetings over several different years. He is strongly motivated to disseminate the teachings of The Urantia Book, and to serve all of his brothers and sisters in any way that he is able.


One may wonder where Emilio gets the energy for his service dedication. His answer: "The more I read the "Urantia Book," the more I want to tell people about it!" His daily prayer is to do the Father's will, and he makes himself available for that. Consequently, he finds that opportunities continually flow into his life. Beyond that, for any "figuring out" of how he'll be used, he simply leaves that to God. I want to serve The Urantia Book Revelation in ways beyond just financial donations, but in addition; to serve those organizations with my talents and time.

Cristina Seaborn

Cristina Seaborn (Media and Communications Service Team Chair, Publications Chair)
Cristina is a world class fiddler, violinist, composer, and teaching artist living in Minnesota. Through the many Urantia conferences, she has found her place as a performer and music director for the spiritual upliftment of audiences. She currently serves as the Gratitude Committee, Publication Chair, a member of the Interfaith Committee, chair of the Parliament of the Worlds’ Religions 2018 joint Urantia Book Booth team, and part of the advisory council for the joint 2020 Urantia Conference in Vancouver.

Daniel Amyx

Lara Amyx (Fellowship Service Team Chair, Finance Chair) 
Lara Amyx has been involved in the Urantia Community for over 25 years. Originally finding the book at a friend’s father’s house when she was 21. Lara has been Conference Chair for the Florida Students of The Urantia Book annual gatherings, for the last six years of their active administration. She was also Secretary for FSUB previously. She was Chair of the Fellowship’s Membership Committee, and is currently the Chair of Finance. Lara is married to Daniel Amyx, another active Urantia Book reader, and GC member of the Membership Committee. The two of them own and operate 2 optical shops on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Not only are they growing their businesses but they are using them in personal ministry.

Daniel Amyx

Brent St. Denis (World Wide Service Team Chair)
I am pleased and honoured to have the opportunity to return to the work of the revelation as a member of the Fellowship’s General Council after an absence for personal reasons of some 25 years. Hopefully I have acquired some skills and experience in the meantime that will be useful to our excellent team. The Urantia Book came into my life in spring 1975 near the end of a two-year high school teaching commitment (maths and physics) at Corwnwall College in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Its arrival was a critical answer to years of frustration and angst, which started in my late teens, over the apparent inability of anyone, including the churches, to provide answers to the most basic questions about the meaning of life and the cosmos. The first paper I read when I cracked open the book upon its arrival was on the Supreme Being – I was hooked. It was not long after that I realized that Jesus is who he said he was – the Son of God and the Son of Man. I haven’t looked back since. I am at your service. BTW I live in Northern Ontario, Canada with my wife Martine.

Paula Thompson

Paula Thompson (Director & Outreach Committee Chair)
Paula has been an avid student of The Urantia Book since early in 1976, when, as she says, “It came into my life at a time of great crisis, as the answer to a fervent prayer for some good news.” She has read the book daily for 40 years and has studied it weekly with a group since 1977. She joined The Urantia Book Fellowship in 1982 when it was known as The Urantia Brotherhood. She has served her local Urantia Society as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Study Group Officer. She started coordinating and facilitating regular public outreach with the book in 1983. In 1989 she went to work for the Jesusonian Foundation and was Executive Director there from 1993 to 2006. In that time she managed Good Cheer Catalog and developed numerous study and outreach aids for The Urantia Book, most notably the website Truthbook.com. She was elected to the Fellowship’s General Council in 1994 where she is currently serving her third 9-year-term as a General Councilor. She served as the Fellowship’s Outreach Committee Chair from 1997-2006 and as Secretary General from 2009-2012. Paula accepted the job as the Fellowship’s Executive Director in 2006 and continues to work in that capacity. Paula has traveled all over the USA as well as to Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and South America to exhibit and introduce the book.

Derek Samaras (Director's Assistant & International Committee Chair)
Chicago Native, now living in Lafayette, CO. Derek is a 37-year-old Filmmaker and Youth Minister, with a degree in Broadcast Journalism/Psychology from the University of New Mexico. He is an advocate for socially sustainable practices that reflect the life affirming qualities revealed in respectful, tolerant, and compassionate fellowship. Derek applied these practices for many years while teaching self-defense in Chicago to women and youth in troubled areas. Derek has been an ambassador for truth, beauty and goodness in multiple continents. He continues to share the message to all who will come and listen: “We are all family; we may never look, act, or think alike, but spiritually we are, and that is what unites us, we are truly one family united in spirit.” Derek has developed his social ministry on the principles of loving service, mindful compassion, and spirit unity: “We are all loved equally by Divinity, freely we have received this love, we must share it freely” You can catch Derek Live on Saturdays as he hosts the radio show “The Cosmic Citizen” on blog talk radio.

Recent projects: •Directing/Writing/Editing a documentary on the commercial sexual exploitation of children •Committee Chair of the Youth & Young Adults (youth ministry and leadership development) •Assistant Director of The Urantia Book Fellowship (nonprofit spiritual) •Current radio host for “The Cosmic Citizen” •Urantia Book vs Ancient Aliens (public presentation Los Angeles)

Sean PriviteraSean Privitera (Youth and Young Adult Committee Chair)
I am first gen reader, my brother introduced me to the book in 2006. I started reading in a study group in 2010 and my first conference was at Techny in 2011. I hail from Omaha but I travel  a lot. We have a lot of newer young readers in Omaha and usually meet once a week and every other week in Lincoln. I am married with 3 dogs, a house and a picket fence. My wife isn't a regular UB reader, although she will read with me occasionally. I do Online Marketing by day, and am involved with an online marketing and web design business on the side. I have background in Finance and Accounting as well with a Master's in Portfolio Management and CFA Level II candidate. I love to bicycle, ski, surf. My vision for the future is to be as open and available as possible to help grow UB awareness and foster UB communities.

Daniel Amyx

Daniel Amyx (Membership Committee Chair)
Dan was raised Catholic. As he matured he asked questions that the church could not answer, and inevitably he left the church in search of “the Real” God. After years of studying the world's religions, he found the Urantia Book in a bookstore in 1978, and has since been involved in the Urantia Community.

Dan was a Founding Member, Vice President, and two time President of the Florida Students of The Urantia Book (FSUB), an independent group of readers who held annual conferences in the State of Florida. He also helped develop, and was the first President of The Agondonter Boot Camp Society (ABCs) of Florida. Daniel has done presentations on Business Ethics based on Urantia Book teachings at different groups in the continental U.S. ; A presentation on the shift from the informational age to the new paradigm of spiritual community; and a number of collaborative efforts at conferences and retreats. He and his wife Lara, own two optical shops in Florida, and have mixed “spiritual ministry” and a retail practice in a uniquely successful manner. 

Bobbie Dreier

Bobbie Dreier (General Councilor)
Bobbie was a public school teacher for 37 years and retired in 2001. She and her husband Steve recently celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary and enjoy spending time with two grown grandsons. Bobbie’s been a Urantia Book reader since 1971 and was a member of Urantia Society of Central Connecticut and a founding member of Urantia Society of Greater New York. With Steve she has hosted a study group for 45 years. She’s been actively involved in conference coordination and program planning for summer study sessions and international conferences and was the Fellowship’s Study Group Directory Coordinator for ten years. Recently she has created worship programs for Fellowship summer study sessions and facilitated preconference spiritual retreats for international conferences with Gard Jameson. Over the years she has served on the Education and Outreach Committees and is currently a member of the Education Committee.

Dana Bredemyer (General Councilor)
I have been blessed since boyhood with a vivid sense of the personal presence of God. At seventeen, I was ecstatic to receive the longed-for complement to that inner sense. I was introduced to The Urantia Book in high school by my best friend one evening, in response to my question, ‘What is that book your brother is always reading?’ I bought my book the next day, and never looked back. What a joy! What a gift! After university, I worked in Silicon Valley for twenty years, during which time I hosted and attended study groups, and served San Francisco Bay Area Urantia Society as T.D.A. delegate. Since the late nineties I have run a consulting business in system and enterprise architecture, and in addition to study grouping, have served Orvonton Society as T.D.A. delegate, vice president, and president. I live in Southern Indiana with my wife Ruth and our son and daughter. Elected to the General Council in 2012, I have served as chair of the Judicial Committee and as President of the Fellowship. I am honored, humbled and thrilled to have this opportunity to begin my cosmic citizenship training in this way. Thank you for all you do to advance needy humanity to greater realization of the Fatherhood of God and the fraternity of all creatures. Even when we try, we barely glimpse our good fortune to be alive on this planet and at this time.

Geoff Taylor (Interfaith Committee Chair)
Geoff Taylor describes himself in this way: “I am a 70-year-old iterative, innovative, experimentalist techie with a background in Aeronautical Engineering. I had several pilots’ licenses, built one jet and crashed one ultra-light. My career as engineer on turbine engines started in Winnipeg Canada, went to Dallas Tx. then to LA. I grew up Anglican but had dismissed God because I could not see why he needed me. At age 40 I was introduced to the Urantia book by PhD physicist Irwin Ginsburg and this prompted an “awakening” which rekindled my early Christian roots and took me back “home” to Winnipeg but not before I had traveled the world, been inside three Space Shuttles and won a couple of Design awards (the ego was getting too big to manage). Back in “home” I started Vista Medical with my brother, invented stretchable pressure sensors for the prevention of bed sores and a few other doo dads. Having sold the business, retired and lost my wife of 43 years to cancer I am working on the cure. Crashing that ultra-light in 2003, focused me on the things that matter most; relationship with people, cooperation and harmony. Check out my personal web page www.ubgeoff.com for pictures and my “Theory of Everything”, incremental improvement in all things.”

David Kulieke

David Kulieke (Education Committee Chair)
A third generation reader. I joined First Urantia Society in 1973 and have served in several positions, including president four times and T.D.A. delegate a half dozen. I served on the Domestic Extension Committee (now Outreach) and the Publications Committee after publishing a Midwest newsletter, which has now been reborn electronically. I created the first study group database and the Society Conclave. 

An English and music teacher who now tutors and teaches students in China both online and in Shenzhen, I became a General Councilor and chairman of the Education Committee in 2012. I hold these responsibilities to be a privileges and trusts, and I intend to continue to maintain and expand the Education Committee’s contributions.

Most important in my life are my marriage and family. I live with my wife Marilynn, an experienced servant of the Urantia revelation, in Lincolnshire, Illinois. I have three grown children and four grandchildren who also live in the Chicago area.

Katharina Becker

Katharina Becker (General Councilor)
Katharina has been a teacher/educator in Switzerland and then New Mexico for nearly 40 years. She has taught social sciences, philosophy, and several languages at the high school and college level and has several years of home schooling experience.

She began reading The Urantia Book in 2002. Two years later she joined the Fellowship and began studying the book with a local study group. She has been serving as a member of the Fellowship's Education Committee since 2007 and was elected to the General Council in 2013.

Katharina immigrated to New Mexico/USA in her early 30's. She and her husband have raised a multiracial family in a traditional homestead in northern New Mexico that they and their four children built from scratch. Katharina has a curious/inquisitive spirit and a deep love for learning.

Cabot Eudaly

Cabot Eudaly (General Councilor)
Cabot says this about himself, "I had a candle-sized experience in which I gave up my old ideas about God and started from scratch with my own understanding of Him. When I described my conception of God to a friend, he said that he had a book I would like to read. I do some structural engineering (buildings), go to several meetings (church, AA, Urantia) since the empty nest (2 sons, 20 and 21). My vision is to integrate the Fellowship as the US or North American branch of the UAI, renaming all as the Urantia Brotherhood."

Cecilia LampleyCecelia Lampley (General Councilor)

I have been reading The Urantia Book since 1976, and since 1981 my husband and I have had a study group in our home. We have been married since 1976 and have two grown sons. I am a retired Marriage and Family Therapist, and I worked with children and their families for about eight years.

André RadatusAndré Radatus (General Councilor)
Canadian born,emigrated to Denver in 1980 to teach learning-difference youngsters in a school founded and fostered by three Urantia Book students where he taught for 15 years. Recently, he spent a year and a half immersed in the French language and Québec culture studying Le Livre d'Urantia with francophone readers in the Laurentians.  He has returned "home" to the Front Range of Colorado and currently is utilization analyst for an organic dairy in Boulder.  André has three adult children, son Michael and daughters Vanessa and Yvana, two in Denver, one in Seattle.  The Urantia Book’s truths have spoken compellingly to André since March of 1976. He has attended study groups regularly and continuously since 1978.  André is a trustee, Curriculum Chair, and instructor for UrantiaUniversity Institute and is a weekly co-host of The Cosmic Citizen on BlogTalkRadio.

Diane Labrecque (General Councilor)
After a series of profound and revelatory spiritual experiences, Diane received the Urantia Book in 1991 after which she felt the inner call to start her spiritual journey of loving service based on the FER. Consequently, right after receiving the UB, she started her own study group and also organized conferences of her own in different cities within the Province of Quebec. After hearing about the upcoming Urantia Book Fellowship IC’93 Conference which was to be held outside of Montreal where she lives, she served on the organizing committee and also animated a weekly television program for six months informing the public about the IC’93 Conference, which helped to assemble a large crowd of participants. She then went to the 1993 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago where the Urantia Book was presented to the participants with great success. She then moved to Boulder, CO where she lived for about three years and got to enjoy living the UB teachings amidst the thriving Rocky Mountain Urantia Community. Next, she moved to Toronto to attend a holistic course in nutritional medicine to perfect her expertise in the field of holistic health. She moved back home in Montreal and worked in that field for several years while attending and serving in various UB Conferences held in different countries. In the year 2010, Diane gave birth to The United Urantia Family where many UB readers met together to celebrate the Fifth Epochal Revelation to Humanity as One United Urantia Family. This new endeavor helped to create the Easter Spirit Renewal Retreats which have been held ever since in different cities and countries. In 2013, she went to visit the Holy Land of Jesus in Israel and visited the various points of interest specifically related to the Life & Teachings of Jesus as revealed in the Urantia Book. Soon after, she was inspired to start her first UB pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Jesus allowing Urantia Book readers to commune together while visiting the landmark places related to the Bestowal Life of Jesus. Diane has repeatedly been a guest on the Cosmic Citizen Radio Program transmitted worldwide to UB readers and hungry souls searching for the Truth. She continues to serve God and Jesus while spreading Love and Light on Urantia to her beloved brothers and sisters as she passes by, up until the day she reunites with the Initiator of her spiritual journey.

Tom Allen (Judicial Committee Chair)
Tom Allen is a life long believer in the love of Jesus and God, and in the teachings of the Urantia papers since 1973, when he came into contact with these supernal teachings. As a 20 year old college student, Tom grew up in the summer of an early Urantia generation under the tutelage of Berkeley Elliott and others in the Oklahoma City Urantia Society. After many offices in the Urantia Book Society of Oklahoma and one nine year term in the General Council from 1985 until 1994, Tom retired to work and take care of a family of four boys and a worthy mother who by Tom's words, "definitely and graciously 'outgeneraled' me in the home and in wisdom." (84:3.5) Tom is now mostly retired at the age of 66 in 2018 and wishes now to rededicate his energies into what the Urantia Book Fellowship as an organization should now concentrate on, as we pass the torch of organizational wisdom into the hands of a new generation of young Urantia Book believers. Tom now serves a nine year term in the General Council beginning in 2018. Tom describes his role as Judicial Chair of the Fellowship to be a peacemaker and justice provider amongst us all. Robert's rules will be strongly advised as will the interpretations of the Constitution of the Fellowship. Our committee will be thoroughly investigative of any issue brought before our body. All issues will be primarily inspired by the Mercy of the spiritual gravity of our wonderful Mother Son on Paradise. Justice will be impersonal and cumulative, in the purview of the inspiration of the reality of the impersonal justice of the Paradise Trinity. You may reach him personally at tommykaren1@att.net.

Jill Strunk (General Councilor)
I found the Urantia Book, by what feels like angelic intervention, in 1974 and have been a reader/believer ever since. I soon joined the Rocky Mountain Spiritual Fellowship, attended up to three study groups a week, helped with a number of regional UB conferences, and attended triennial conferences throughout the country. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the wonderful friends I have gained in my spiritual travels, and my personal relationship with God and my eldest brother, Jesus, have been my foundation through everything I do. I was a high school English teacher when I lived in Colorado until 1998; then I moved to Minnesota and became a full-time psychologist, co-hosting a study group for 15 years. I have two sons who still live in Colorado, so I get to visit often.

David Schlundt (General Councilor) 
I received a copy of the Urantia Book from my father (K. David Schlundt) for my 13th birthday and have been a student of the book ever since. I live in Ashland City, Tennessee (just outside Nashville) with my wife Zada Law. I am an Associate Professor of Psychology at Vanderbilt University. I have been on the faculty at Vanderbilt University since 1985 and split my time between teaching and research. I was trained as a clinical psychologist and have devoted my career to research in health psychology. I am especially interested in the role of behaviors (eating, exercise, stress management) in the treatment and prevention of disease and in better understanding how contexts (emotions, thoughts, places) influence these behaviors. My research has also focused on health disparities, community-based participatory research, program evaluation, behavioral interventions, and psychological and behavioral assessment.


Michael Challis Michael Challis (General Councilor)
Michael is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and a long time reader of The Urantia Book.


John Hales (General Councilor)
After college and service in the Navy, John ended up in Brooklyn, NY as a psychiatric social worker. The Executive Committee of what was then the Urantia Brotherhood established a field representative program in which he participated. In 1974 the Executive Committee offered him the job of resident director, to handle reader and member services and book order fulfillment. As the first full-time paid employee of the Brotherhood, at the age of thirty-seven he was “the kid” in the office, which was staffed by a corps of full-time volunteers all over seventy years of age. He observed that he “could not have had better mentors.” As a younger member of the old guard, he was well placed to be a “generational go-between” for the older longtime students of The Urantia Book and the incoming “hippies” who first showed up at the 1973 summer conference at Kendall College. As time passed, he served on the thirty-six-member General Council of the Urantia Brotherhood (later The Urantia Book Fellowship). He has served on the Executive Committee as secretary, secretary-general, president, and currently vice president. He is also active with First Society for Readers of The Urantia Book (successor of the Forum), and currently serves as its treasurer. Now, he and his wife, Suzanne, are still living in the Chicago area, enjoying their six grandchildren, the children of their daughter and son who live nearby. As a project, he has undertaken to become deeply involved with his church community. Of his church family, John points out that “they’re all believers, so they don’t need The Urantia Book as such. It’s reassuring that all our angels are at work expanding everyone’s understanding.” It is this attitude of camaraderie with all people that leads him to prefer the term Jesusonian when asked, “What are you?” since we are all Urantians. This has created an opening to many meaningful discussions, and also leads him to state, “I’m just having a ball, because I’m falling in love with so many newfound brothers and sisters in spirit.”

Stephen Sawyer (General Councilor)
Raised a Christian, Stephen has been a Buddhist, Muslim, studied metaphysics, pagan religions, and worshiped with many of the world’s religions and Christian denominations. He has spent much of his life seeking and embracing their honorable values and all they all have in common. In 1975 Stephen found a new and better way to understand God and was able to rise above his objections with organized religion. Jesus of Nazareth became his only hero and still is. That year he also committed his artistic talents in the service of God. Twenty years later ART4GOD was born. Currently he shares his experiences on a daily live Facebook video called Closet Church. Not being a fan of committees, Stephen joined as a General Councilor because of the remarkable integrity of the men and women he has met and decided to attempt to make a contribution with this excellent group of fellow servants. Stephen is currently serving on the Interfaith Committee and as Publication Artist.

Executive Committee:

President - Geoff Theiss

Vice President - Michael Painter

Secretary - Steve Dreier

Treasurer - Emilio Coppola

Secretary General - Larry Bowman

Worldwide Service Team Leader - Brent St. Denis

Fellowship Service Team Leader - Lara Amyx

Media and Communications Service Team Leader - Cristina Seaborn

Committee Chairs

Geoff Taylor - Interfaith Chair

Paula Thompson - Outreach Chair

Derek Samaras - International Committee Chair

Lara Amyx - Finance

Tom Allen - Judicial

Dan Amyx - Membership

Cristina Seaborn – Publications Chair

David Kulieke - Education Chair

Sean Privitera - Youth and Young Adult

General Council

Tom Allen - Judicial

Dan Amyx - Membership

Lara Amyx - Fellowship Service Team Chair, Finance Chair

Paul Anderson

Katharina Becker

Ted Blaney

Dana Bredemeyer

Pamela Chaddock

Michael Challis

Avi Dogim

Bobbie Dreier

Steve Dreier - Secretary

Cabot Eudaley

John Hales

Jack Holloway

David Kulieke - Education Chair

Diane Labrecque

Cecelia Lampley

John Lange

Jena Lassiter

Barbara Newsom

Michael Painter, Vice President

Sean Privitera - Youth and Young Adult

Andre Radatus

Derek Samaras - International Committee Chair

Stephen Sawyer

David Schlundt

Brent St. Denis – Worldwide Service Team Chair

Cristina Seaborn – Publications Chair, Media and Communications Team Chair

David Schlundt

Pablo Segovia

Jill Strunk

Geoff Taylor - Interfaith Chair

Geoff Theiss - President

Paula Thompson - Outreach Chair