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The community of Urantia Book readers is diverse, comprised of individuals who span the spectrum of beliefs, nationalities, and circumstances and are fortunate enough to have found a revelation.

The Fellowship is a social organization of Urantia Book readers. Our history began with the first publication of the revelation in 1955 and our future will, hopefully, witness the next age of planetary progress. Take this incredible journey with us as coworkers and supporters of the Urantia Revelation.

As members of The Urantia Book Fellowship:

We study The Urantia Book and attempt to live and grow according to our highest comprehension of its teachings.

We abide by the Fellowship Constitution and By-Laws and support its purpose as stated in the Constitution

We strive within the limits of our ability to share The Urantia Book with others whenever possible.

We support The Urantia Book Fellowship to the best of our ability with contributions of service, resources, and creativity.

Here are some of the activities that your membership supports:


The Fellowship provides the Urantia community with outstanding printed and electronic publications, showcasing the best of reader scholarship and contemplation. An archive of our publications, dating back to 1976, can be found at the following two locations:



We also offer The Urantia Book with a comprehensive topical index, a two-column format, an internal referencing system, an appendix and a free audio DVD of the entire book.


Since 1975, we have hosted numerous summer study sessions, regional conferences, and an International Conference every three years with an average attendance of over 500 students of the book and their families. In addition, our community hosts scientific symposiums, topical study workshops, and regional family retreats.

The Fellowship Outreach Program

is responsible for promoting The Urantia Book through a wide range of grassroots projects domestically and internationally. The program has participated in hundreds of book fairs and expos introducing the book and its teachings to thousands of potential new readers. A number of our best outreach materials are available here: http://www.urantiabook.org/outreach

The Fellowship International Program 

nurtures and sponsors students and communities around the world by connecting readers with leaders and by fostering opportunities for study and socialization. The program has sponsored international book fairs in numerous countries including Korea, India, Nepal, Zambia, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Croatia and Turkey. In addition, through the Pipeline of Light, more than 5800 desperately needed books have been donated and delivered to 84 countries.

The Fellowship Interfaith Program

has presented the book to countless ministers and placed it in hundreds of religious libraries worldwide including the Vatican. Representatives from the Interfaith Program were present at each of the last five Parliament of World Religions: 1993 in Chicago Illinois, 1999 in Cape Town South Africa, 2004 in Barcelona Spain, and 2009 in Melbourne Australia. Most recently, 120 Urantia Book readers were present at the 2015 Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah, including more than 75 members from our young adult community.

Web Presence

Created in 1996, www.urantiabook.org was one of the first Urantia websites providing an on-line collection of resources inspired by The Urantia Book. Currently, the site averages more than 6000 visits per month exposing millions to the book and its teachings in the past 30 years. Additional Urantia-based websites including UrantiaNow and Family Life are available on-line at the following link along with numerous Facebook pages:


Info and Applications for Membership

Study Groups

Many readers like to explore the book's ideas with other readers. Hundreds of small autonomous study groups have been formed around the world. Some of these study groups affiliate in regional societies which in turn elect leadership for The Fellowship.

To find a study group near you or to participate in an email discussion list, check our Study Group Directory.

Study groups grow and sometimes join together into larger Societies. Here is the link to the list of our Societies:

Societies: Fellowship Regional Reader Organizations